Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No longer a mystery.

Ok the myth about blogging has finally been demystified. When the concept was introduced to me by Lesley Emanuel (WO W Training and Internship Programmes) I was excited about it and thought I would like to explore this new piece of the Internet. So it was with great enthusiasm that I wrote my first blog and was the first one from our group to make an entry. However, I became agitated a few days later when I received an email from Roy Blumenthal (Artist at large and serious blogger) asking us to join the yahoo blog thinking groups ( I am sure you are wondering why I am saying I was agitated.

After I joined the yahoo blog thinking group I was all of a sudden assailed by a host of email messages from some of my colleagues in the internship programme suggesting I read and comment on their blogs. Not only that, there was a day I received more than 10 emails from Roy offering tips and advise about how to get the most of out blogging. I became very terrified and started to lose my confidence. To make matters worse it is a requirement that we blog four times a week and that we read and respond to each others blogs. I felt all this to be very overwhelming and I started to feel very negative about it. I started questioning myself if the internship programme was just about blogging. I even received an email from Roy saying most people were earning a living through blogging like John T Unger an artist. I just couldn’t understand it. This made me think differently about blogging. I thought if someone is making a living out of blogging then surely it must be the most complicated and challenging task and was not as easy as had been suggested.

Today Roy explained that blogging is not that difficult one simply is provided with a platform for expressing oneself in a blog. Blogging will provide me with a way of self evaluating myself after reading people’s critique about some of my staff. Now I know that I can use my blog to talk and comment about what I am really passionate about or about what pisses me off. Because of blogging I will get a chance to network and link with a lot of other like minded bloggers and other people. At the end of the day I can say that I really like the concept of blogging!


Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Hello Pascalia...

Just a quick correction. I didn't imply that 'most bloggers make their living from blogging'.

I said that SOME bloggers have been able to quit their days jobs to do what they love AS A RESULT OF BLOGGING.

Blue skies

2:31 am  
Blogger Pascalia said...

Thanks for the correction Roy!

6:15 am  

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