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I have the tendency of wanting to make others get a feel of my stress by snapping at them during conversations. I have been made to realise that there are so many ways of dealing with stress that can make me come across as a very rational and reasonable person. Firstly is the need for me to identify all the stress symptoms like having headaches, feeling tense, being demotivated and all the others.

Normally it is easy for me to notice that I am stressed out. It begins with having long sleepless nights and thinking about the same things that are stressing me over and over again until the headaches set in. It then follows that it will become difficult to concentrate when I am in such a mindset. What has redeemed me the many thousand times I have been stressed is to always focus on the positive and the good side of what may have been stressing me. Rarely do I go out to seek people to help me out of a stressful situation. Shameen reminded us today that it is very important to have support networks like family and friends to help us out of stressful situations. I am glad I have the benefit of having someone close (Clema) to confide in when I have problems or stressors.

In the workplace it is very critical to respond in an emotionally intelligent manner to situations that have a potential of deteriorating into serious problems where one can end up not fulfilling organisational goals. Health is always affected when one is stressed. Thus it is of paramount importance to be able to manage and organise one’s time effectively through working consistently and maintaining a steady pace all the time.

My stress level according to the Stress Level Test was 41 and when placed in the 33-50 range showed that I have a moderate stress level with a tendency of being a workaholic. According to the results I generally do not cope well with stress. Overall result – Quiet good. I intend to work on raising my stress management techniques so that it does not come in the way I interact with people both on a professional and personal level. I found the website Stress Management from Mind Tools very informative, its link is


Blogger Uta said...


I just wanted to congradulate you for joining the programme.

Keep blogging and I promise to interact a lot as of next week.

World of Work 2005

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Blogger Psychewellbeing said...

Dear Pascalia you raised important facts concerning stress.Stress has also affected my sleeping patterns and made me to concerntrate less. But one particular stress reliever I found interesting recently was walking. It worked for me and it was much better than sitting and worrying.

4:15 am  
Blogger Pascalia said...

Thanks Uta!

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Blogger Pascalia said...

You are right Mpho, I think its really important that we be able to identify what destresses us. Thanks.

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Blogger YourSimplerLife said...

Stress in the workplace? Henry David Thoreau had it right more than a century ago when he told us to simplify. That's more true now than ever.

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