Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Polishing up the Act

Interviews can be quiet unsettling, especially if they are job interviews. I noticed this in the seminar we had today about Interviewing Skills. It was quiet evident that for most of us there was sufficient or lack of appropriate interview skills.

Confidence in oneself and in one’s capabilities came out as the most important aspects when the unstructured interview techniques were performed on us by consultants Wickus and Willemien. Important aspects of interview preparation, like power dressing, the personal documents to take, and the appropriate questions to ask where all tackled in the seminar. Most of us left the seminar with a clearer view of what to expect in interview situations and to expect harsh employers during the interview process.

Regardless I felt quiet good after Wickus mock interviewed me for the post of “Research Analyst for Coca Cola Company.” Both the interview panel and participants who were watching me go through the interview process right from being “welcomed” into the company through the “interview itself” said my interviews skills were quiet good. However, I was told that I need to grow in the art of selling myself especially where the unstructured questions come in. This is the only part in the interview process where one gets to talk about their skills. I realised when I was being interviewed that I was so hard bent on answering the questions that I soon forgot that I had a purpose. I was supposed to convince my potential employer that I am the right person for the job because of my qualitative and quantitative skills, or that I am patient and persistent with the ability to work long hours independently with a goal to solving problems etc.

Despite this, it was intimated to me by the consultants and participants that I came across as a confident and relaxed person capable of steering organisational goals in the right direction. Oh how I wish this interview was the real thing! Imagine I would have been looking forward to my second interview as Wickus intimated to me. Anyway I am glad I had this experience. Forewarned is forearmed as the popular saying goes. I will definitely polish up my act using some of the tips suggested by the consultants we had as well as those from Interview Center Website


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