Monday, April 03, 2006

My passions

My passion for human rights was aggravated during the presentations we had from different organisations today about possible internship placements. There were consultants from Environmental Resources Management who reminded me of my days at the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Programmes (CAMPFIRE) This was a community organisation that dealt with issues of the environment and how best they could be used to empower communities. Programmes were tourist based and meant to build the capacities of rural communities in the long term management of natural resources. Today I found the workings of these two organisations to be more or less the same.

CIVICUS ( a world wide alliance for civic participation and promotion of human rights) also reminded me of my Work Related Learning experience when I was still an undergraduate from the Midlands State University (Zimbabwe) when I worked for the Media Institute of Southern Africa-Zimbabwe (MISA Zimbabwe) an advocacy organisation for freedom of information and expression. Later I was to work for the Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe a sister organisation to MISA which also advocated for human rights especially those related to freedom of speech and expression.
CIVICUS has various programmes like Civil Society Watch and Civil Society Index which I found interesting because they all center on human rights work and ERM because its centered on working directly with communities These organisations are of interest to me because I am passionate about working for the human cause and for the betterment of our society especially with organisations that have both a local and an international outlook.


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