Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Raring to go!

I am bringing to Nedlac my brains, passion and ability from a business point of view. I am going to be doing a short term communications strategy project for 3 months and depending on how best I perform, it should culminate into a long term projects that spans and complements Nedlac’s history.

The purpose of this internship is to give me world of work experience, the much needed chance to network with internal and external professionals from the industry. Looking at Nedlac I will be gaining experience from labour, business, government, community constituencies and the media fraternity.

I can feel it already that it is going to be a fantastic experience both for my personal and professional development. Not to mention the hard work involved in streamlining the communications strategy. By the end of this internship I will be in a much better position to position myself. I get the feeling here that I am not an intruder for whom they had to find a task for me. Because of this I am willing to make myself available to learn and to seeing an opportunities in the tasks that I am supposed to do.

My immediate supervisor is Kim Jurgensen. I require a mentor who will be available to help me through this time. Somebody who can give me feedback on how I am performing and how I can make it better. Off course it’s not only me who’s going to benefit. Nedlac will benefit more because I am prepared to build their reputation as an important organisation in South Africa’s development. For this I will fly high Nedlac’s flag. This may be subject to availability of institutional resources too. I am talking of budgets!


Anonymous CCC said...

Best wishes dear, i know you will do it. Show them that you can perfom and that you have enough energy to do it.

5:08 am  
Blogger Pascalia said...

Thanks dear, nice to know I've got a supportive fan out there!

8:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pascalia
You are indeed intelligent and creative. I mean your website has sense and feel of professionalism. Your presence there at Nedlac adds value.
Hope to see again after meeting that time I was with Bongi to download sound recording. Bye, Chris

6:49 am  

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