Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hoping to be a communications coordinator

A couple of weeks ago Nedlac advertised four vacancies which need to be filled. One of them is for the post of Communications Coordinator. I decided to apply for this post as it fits with what I am currently doing as an intern. I fervently hope that I will get the position. I wrote a motivation letter that went something like this: I have knowledge of the principles and practices of communications and public information techniques through different mediums, including voice, print, Internet, PowerPoint; writing and editing techniques for a variety of audiences; research and problem solving techniques.

The experience I have had with Nedlac so far has given me the edge that makes me positive that I am a fit for the position of communications coordinator with the organisation.
As the Communications Coordinator I will be able to provide expert advice and assistance regarding issues, communications recommendations, and support to Nedlac on how to preserve and protect Nedlac’s image. I can create and execute a comprehensive annual communications plan in support of Nedlac’s strategic objectives.

Due to the experience I have had with Nedlac so far as an intern I feel that before my internship is over I will be able to respond orally to inquiries and provide information to members of the public about Nedlac. I can write effective copy, proposals, press releases, articles, etc.; prepare presentations; design and layout electronic and print newsletters and website pages; use desktop publishing and printing techniques; especially when taught the basics. I can work independently with limited supervision and under multiple deadlines; I can develop and maintain good working relationships with internal staff as well as external people especially media personnel and people from other organizations who deal with Nedlac’s diverse interests (Government, Business, Labour and Community).

Being a social sciences graduate and a participant in the World of Work Internship programmes, I am knowledgeable about South African, African and international social and economic landscapes. I understand the concept of social dialogue and policy formulation having worked for Media advocacy organizations namely the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe) and the Media Monitoring Project in Zimbabwe.

I can contribute as well as maintain Nedlac’s website content ensuring accuracy, consistency and quality in addition to researching and writing media articles. It would also be necessary to compile and analyse quotations in order to assess cost, operational feasibility and other aspects when dealing with Nedlac’s communication programs. What attracts me to this job is the quality of experience I will gain and the different cultural values I will bring along to this post.

I am an enthusiastic, motivated and a very confident young lady. Because of this I believe that I am the right candidate to “take Nedlac to new heights in terms of the organisation’s profile and broader communication of its programme, processes and achievements”.

Off course you will all know about the outcome!


Blogger Lesley Emanuel said...

Hi Pascalia

I'm happy about the last line of your post - am so looking forward to hearing how this will turn out.

Another thing you can add to your list of accomplishments: your blogging. I'm sure by now, (and if necessary with a bit of help from your friends) you could set up a weblog for NEDLAC?


9:04 am  

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