Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Managing the work programme

One thing that I will forever be grateful for working with Kim is that she taught me the easiest and most efficient way of managing a work programme. It is so user friendly that anyone who wants to know what is happening in the communications section can simply go through it and see where progress or non progress has been made.

It also has a space for bottlenecks and interventions and of the specific people who need to be contacted and the time frame when a particular task has to be completed. I have found this format very useful to me because when Kim calls for a meeting I simply browse through my work programme and update it where necessary. The other thing it does is that one also gets to see the original ideas when the programme was muted and helps one to know that there still is some unfinished business. This way continuity can be guaranteed.

Another aspect I like about it is the fact that one can always evaluate and assess themselves in the problems encountered section. For instance, when I was collecting stories from the coordinators for the Dialogue most were not keen at the beginning. I was told by some that it is not their job to write stories, given old presentations, given booklets and indifference by some. Some were wonderful though, offering more information and suggestions.

In the end everything worked out after a lot of persistence as I eventually got all the stories except from one person. The only snag though is that the stories have not yet been signed off by the powers that be. I was hoping that it could be part of the documentation for EXCO but it’s too late now.


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