Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On top my work!

Oh do I feel so good. Just like a cat which has finished a saucer of milk! Last week I was working with Kim and Dallas over the design and production of the Nedlac booklet. (It will act as an information source to our delegates who will be coming for the Executive committee meeting).

The challenging task about it was I had to gather pictures of most of the delegates who were mentioned in the booklet. We had a few hard copies in the organisation which are the most preferred ones compared to electronic versions.

The experience required me to network with internal colleagues as well as with people from outside the organisation like GCIS, SACP, DPSA, COSATU, BUSA and SANCO. I remember we received one funny picture which looked like the person in it was ready to go on a violent frenzy. The funny part was when I asked for a better picture the same picture was sent to me four different times by a different person who fervently promised to be around if I needed more pictures.

The other thing was that in the communications I requested specifically a headshot photograph of a particular person but I will confess to having received several group photographs! After I emphasized the point I was eventually sent an ID photograph with part of the head cut off. The picture was not good enough so when I asked to have another one I was told that the delegate would be coming to Johannesburg some time and that I could contact her and get a picture of her. Amazing ha?

So yesterday Dallas finished the layout and sent the final proof. Kim asked me “What do you think of the book? Happy to advise sign-off”? So I said “too happy Kim” and she replied “Cool - thanks. And good job Pascalia. You did really well. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so professional and on top of her work.” I must say it really is a pleasure and rewarding feeling to work with a supervisor who acknowledges the effort you put into work. Thanks for the compliment Kim. When you work with somebody professional sometimes you can’t help it but just mirror them as well!


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