Friday, April 13, 2007

Research report results still outstanding

It is with great distress that I am posting this blog. I feel let down by my Department of Forced Migration Studies and the Faculty of Humanities. As you already know I submitted my research report on the 15th of February 2006. According to University policy it should only take a minimum of four weeks to get a response from the Faculty. I only got a response (Corrections) from the Faculty on the 10th of October 2006 after I had made numerous phone calls and requests to find out what was happening.
I was given the impression that this was my fault that the External Examiner had refused to award a mark for my work resulting in me getting a mark from my Internal examiner only. After having done corrections to the Research Report I submitted it on the 10th of November 2006. I was happy and I thought that I would be able to get my results soon, at latest in the midst of February 2007. Alas this was not to be.I phoned the Faculty many times since the beginning of the year only to be told to “phone again on Friday,” “phone next week,” “I will have a response for you by the end of the month” and so on and so on. Yesterday (Thursday 12 April 2007) I was told to phone and find out on Monday 16 April. I am now tired of this routine.
To say this has been a frustrating experience for me is to say the least. I feel that I am being taken for granted and as a result my time is being wasted because I have waited for more than a year to get the results of my degree. This is unacceptable. I have consulted with my colleagues and it appears that my case is not extra ordinary. For instance, Zam Zam Guled (ex Forced Migration Studies Student) now Political Studies Department submitted her Research report in August 2006, got the same response that the external examiner refused to mark her work. A Committee sat to discuss her research report and another examiner was found for her in which case she got her corrections back, did them, submitted and got her graduation confirmation letter at the beginning of the year. This all happened in a space of six months.
Now what I don’t understand is why in particular my research report is still unmarked one year two months later on. I have plans with my life and I don’t want to be held back because someone somewhere is not doing their work. I want to further my studies/work and to be able to do this I need the results of my Masters in Forced Migration Studies.Eish please advice me of further avenues I can take to have my work marked and my degree confirmed. I already spoke to my Head of Department and he says I should wait till Monday 16 April 2007. My patience is running out so fast.


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