Monday, June 26, 2006


Pascalia Ozida Munyewende
Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Full name: Pascalia Ozida Munyewende
University of the Witwatersrand
West Campus Village, Block E20
Johannesburg 2050, South Africa
Phones: 072 083 0023/011 356 0630
Emails: or

My career objective is to be able to contribute strategically and tactically in delivering communication objectives by developing outstanding plans and effective writing through the use of my strong analytical skills. I aspire to become a Communications Programme Officer in the near future.


University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa) 2005-2006
Midlands State University, (Gweru- Zimbabwe), 2000 – 2003.
Chaplin High School, (Gweru, Zimbabwe), 1993-1998
Stanley Primary School, (Gweru, Zimbabwe), 1986-1992

Work experience

Currently Intern Communications Coordinator, Nedlac Offices Rosebank.

The Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe- MMPZ
Position: Assistant Research Monitor
Duration: 1 January 2004- 25 January 2005.

Skills acquired - writing weekly media updates disseminated through the media on reportage of issues in Zimbabwe’s print media. Monitoring Violations and attending network meetings.
United Nations Information Centre (UNIC Pretoria, South Africa)

Position: Research and Information Officer
Duration: March to April 2004

Skills acquired – monitoring and writing a weekly synopsis on the media coverage of different African nations, and of the UN, updating the UNIC Library database.

Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources CAMPFIRE Association

Position: Research and Information Officer
Duration: January 2003- March 2003 and July 2003 - August 2003

Skills – collecting, researching and documenting information on CAMPFIRE projects/activities for CAMPFIRE publicity materials responding to request for information concerning CAMPFIRE activities. Developing press releases, bulletins, appropriate media coverage of CAMPFIRE by building a media network. Assisting with the development of funding proposals for Communities. Rapportuering of workshop/board meeting proceedings. Maintaining of CAMPFIRE project files.
Monitoring and facilitating the distribution of CAMPFIRE information materials. I gained Project Management knowledge, research and a variety of analytical skills.

The Herald Newspaper

Position: Reporter
Duration: August 2002 - December 2002

Skills – excellent verbal and writing communication skills. Managing a daily news diary, feature stories on Health and HIV/AIDS stories court stories general news items as well as human interest stories. Attending workshops and conferences hosted by different stakeholders. Writing commercial and informative supplements for corporate companies.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa - (MISA Zimbabwe)

Position: Assistant to the Research and Information Officer
Duration: January 2002 - July 2002

Skills: Acquired experience in human rights work through monitoring media freedom violation and advocacy. Facilitating workshops and conferences to conscientise journalists, editors and citizens on media law. Writing of bi-monthly reports to MISA members. Research on community broadcasting. Assist with the provision of information leading to the release of arrested journalists to MISA Zimbabwe Lawyers.


National Associations for the Care of the Handicapped NASCOH
Period of engagement 28-30 October 2002.

Other skills
• Microsoft Windows based Programs (Word and Power Point).
• Flexible and able to respond quickly to problems as they may occur.
• Producing excellent written material or reports under tight deadlines.
• Good presentation skills.
• Developing research proposals, including literature review and constructing appropriate research instruments, having learned this specifically through the graduate studies programme. offered by the University of the Witwatersrand.
• I am a highly motivated and well organized individual who is able to work quickly and well under pressure both independently and as a member of a team.

Professional Membership
The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Zimbabwe)
The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ)

Reading current affairs journals, debates, travelling. Art and music fascinate me as well as dancing, gardening, and cooking.

References are available on request.

WTO trade expert

At the end of this month out Trade and Industry Coordinator Sandile Roro will be leaving to join another organisation. I can already hear people wondering why I am mentioning this.

The reason is that when I first came to Nedlac had no idea about trade issues. I was anxious I would not have been able to understand issues if I was to sit in one of their meetings. So to prepare myself I read an article which had been written by Neva Makgetla in The Star about South Africa having to be careful about WTO tariffs, and non tariffs barriers.

I was wondering to myself what these terms could mean and I thought it would be an opportunity to have a one on one talk with Sandile where he would explain these nitty gritties and more to me.

I scheduled an appointment and went to him and he explained to me how the WTO works. The South African government’s including Nedlac’s role in the process as well as other countries involved in the process. I must say it was a very interesting “lecture” for the next time he came around asking for a scribe for the TIC strategic meeting that was held on June 8 at Sandton Towers and conference centre I was eager to go.

I was happy because what he had taught me made it easier for me to digest the dialogue that was going on between the four constituencies of Nedlac. My writing of one of the sessions also became easier. Terms like bilateral trade agreements, trade in services and others are now friendly terms. The organisation that has snatched Sandile from Nedlac is very fortunate to have him for according to me he is a sincere and hardworking person.