Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Internship extension

I was recently told that my internship will be extended by a further two months and I am just glowing inside. Thank God I will get the chance to prove myself once again.

I was working on the Growth and Development Summit PowerPoint presentation that I had been given by the director. It basically was a tedious task that demanded me to concentrate and cut and paste certain sections into slides written “what we planned to do” and “what did we do”. This was for all four of Nedlac’s constituency’s government, community, business and labour.

I started working on this document in the morning and the Executive Director had indicated that he wanted it by 3pm so by 3pm I had only done ninety three slides and the document was not showing any signs of abating. So eventually at 5pm the time that I knock off I just decided to save everything and send the document to him. Early next morning I was sitted by my desk and the director said to me “Pascalia would you send the GDS to the President.”

I was surprised at this question because when I went home I immediately forgot about it and to make matters worse I hadn’t even checked the document for errors. It was difficult for me to answer the question because I had no idea what the document looked like. So I admitted that since it was obvious to him that the document was not good I had to admit that I wouldn’t send it to the President. After he left the document I opened the presentation with a lot of trepidation and rightly so the document didn’t look very good.

I was alone in the office but I swear I blushed deeply over this incident. The lesson I learned from this goes back to the one in one of the lectures about professional writing. You know when you learn something sometimes when you are in that situation you may start feeling that it doesn’t apply to you especially if you have always believed yourself to be a good writer.

I proved myself wrong because with documents if one is behind schedule and you haven’t finished work its always right to ask for an extension. Its better to be late than to produce bad work sometimes but not always